About Spirits Castle

We are a registered wholesaler and distributor in Singapore dealing with whisky and spirits. Our passion for whisky and spirits help us to find and curate excellent products to ensure that every bottle that we sell is a quality product. Our portfolio includes Penderyn, a distillery from Wales, Distillerie Tessendier & Fil, an excellent cognac maker from France, and independent bottling from Taiwan, code name HNWS.

Spirits Castle is all about the golden nectar and its close friends. We are, first and foremost, whisky and cognac lovers. We distribute and sell these precious liquids because we think that they are excellent.


You will find most of our whiskies and cognac here on the website except for Penderyn single malt whisky. We do not sell Penderyn as a retailer, but you can find it at Cellarbration. If you are looking to buy Penderyn single malts in bulk, please contact us at sales@spiritscastle.sg


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